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Powerful Solution
for Schools

Schuzo is a customizable, user-friendly
online web application
designed for schools.

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Search Utility

Schuzo provides the facility of search where user can look for student details like name, class, roll no. section, father's name, etc. with just one click and can even save the result in excel format for future use.

Search filters are available like name, class, section, father's name,
transport, etc.

Excel sheet download option is available for the search result on
just one click.

Grouped information can be searched account wise
in com.ayuka.schuzo.

SMS Portal

Schuzo offers third party integration and provide real time reports to the users. Contacts can be uploaded through excel sheet and approved templates can also be added. Moreover, its a single portal to inform students or teachers.

User Friendly

Schuzo displays all the information of students and staff at different dashboards respectively. All the details are available at one place which makes it easy to use. Also, data is displayed in clustered form.

Different dashboards exists for both students and staff displaying
all the information.

All the details are available on single page which reduces the effort and time
to collect data.

Easy to use since data is clustered in categories, making data display
more readable.

Fee Management

Schuzo provides the facility of fee calculation account wise or student wise as per user choice. It also allow users to make pending fee list and generate daily collection reports when needed.

For dedicated 24x7 support, reach out to
(https://www.ayukadevelopers.com | 9050404553)